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Bringing an Afterlife Discussion Group to Your Area Plays a Vital Role in Educating the Public and Offering a Safe Place to Meet and Discuss Evidence of an Afterlife

Afterlife Discussion Groups Are Open Forums Where Foundation Memebers Can Discuss Any And All Subjects Relating To The Afterlife. Both The Bereaved And The Curious Are Welcome To Attend. The Goal Is To Provide A Safe Environment For Open Discussion And Learning. The Groups Are Limited To A Maximum Of Twenty People And Meet Four Times A Year.

An Afterlife Discussion Group facilitator acts as a moderator as the group discusses many different topics related to an Afterlife. Focus areas of conversation might include the afterlife, near death experiences, death bed visions, apparitions, reincarnation, electronic voice phenomena, grief, signs, and a host of other subjects related to life beyond death. Forever Family Foundation works with facilitators and provides the training and suggested materials to ensure a successful discussion group.

Discussion group facilitators are expected to not have any personal agendas other than a sincere desire to learn, share and help others.

Although the foundation keeps a database of interested members by geographical area, each facilitator will be expected to help grow and maintain group participation.

If you are interested in becoming a facilitator, please send an email to [email protected] and include an explanation of why you would like to help and why you would make a good facilitator. You will then be sent the necessary forms to begin the process.