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 Flying Wish Paper (perfect for writing and sending your thoughts and messages to loved ones on the other side)

"Think of a special wish… your fondest dream, your deepest desire, your ambitions, concerns or burdens—and write it down on the Flying Wish Paper®. Shape your paper into a tube and place it on the Wish Platform®. Light the top edge of the tube and watch it burn down in a small, beautiful flame. At the last moment your wish magically lifts off the platform and rises to the heavens!"


New Designs:


New Design:

Large Kits Include: 50 sheets of Flying Wish Paper® 25 Wish Platforms, Pencils & Instructions $15 each kit

We Are Currently Sold Out of All Large Flying Wish Paper!

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Mini Kits Include: 15 sheets of Flying Wish Paper® 5 Wish Platforms, Pencils & Instructions $10 each kit

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SHIPPING POLICY: Unless other arrangements are made directly with purchaser, as a not for profit, we will select the most inexpensive method of shipping merchandise and all orders will be processed as soon as possible, but no longer than one week.

RETURN POLICY: Merchandise sales, as another method of fundraising, are not refundable unless we are unable to replace a damaged item. Fees incurred in the merchandise replacement become the responsibility of the purchaser.