FFF Community

I understand that membership in Forever Family Foundation is free, however, I also acknowledge that I am joining a community sustained 100% by volunteers who collectively work to keep the organization alive and viable. Considering the large worldwide membership, as well as the scope of services and activities in which the foundation is engaged, combined with the limited resources and volunteer base of the foundation, I will be patient and understanding as volunteers strive to get the work done. As my own commitment to membership, I will keep my profile and contact information up to date. The goals and mission of Forever Family Foundation remain the primary focus that allows membership to reap the benefits of such work, and I further understand that the foundation reserves the right to rescind the membership of anyone not engaging in ethical practices, or whose actions impede the goals and mission of Forever Family Foundation.

Signing up for FREE membership in Forever Family Foundation and completion of the membership form constitutes your acknowledgement that the foundation can communicate with you via email. Members are kept informed regarding various aspects of the work of the foundation. You may choose to opt out of specific email lists by utilizing the "unsubscribe" link at the bottom of your email. However, it is understood that Free Membership does include basic foundation communication via an email list in order to maintain the status as a FREE member of Forever Family Foundation. You can also remove yourself from that membership status, and thereby the basic communication list, by sending an email requesting removal of yourself as a member to: [email protected].

Access to the information Forever Family Foundation provides via it's webpages remains open to the general public and does not require membership.