Grief Transformation Retreats™

A Safe, Caring, and Nurturing Weekend Designed to Transform Your Grief

These are one-of-a-kind weekend retreat gatherings that have been carefully crafted to provide maximum benefit to those who grieve the loss of a loved one. Each retreat is limited to a maximum of 50 attendees. Each attendee will experience grief professionals, Forever Family Foundation Certified Mediums, metaphysical practitioners and activities designed to open one to the knowledge that our deceased loved ones still survive in another realm of existence.

Techniques to open attendees to direct connections to their deceased loved ones serve as a basic part of the weekend. Most importantly, attendees are immersed in an environment where all present know how you feel – an atmosphere free of judgment, fear, or criticism.

Over the years Forever Family Foundation has been blessed by observing the transformative effects that these retreats have had on so many attendees – there is no greater gift than being able to turn hopelessness into comfort and understanding.

Forever Family Foundation's Unique Signature Grief Retreats include:

  • A limited number of participants per retreat weekend, so as to be of best benefit to each attendee
  • Small break out sessions to enhance the weekend experience
  • General group presentations
  • Various healing and group activities
  • No bunk beds
  • No dormitory style bathrooms
  • Choice of Single, Double, Triple (and even Quads on request) Rooms
  • Three healthy meals
  • Snacks and beverages
  • Dream kits and other goodies

Please check our events page to see when our next Grief Retreat is scheduled

What previous attendees had to say:

  • This was a life-changing experience for me. I have no words to describe the peace of mind I was gifted by attending the Grief Transformation Retreat. So very well worth it! - Joyce B
  • The compassionate hosts, presenters and mediums provided a fabulous and spiritual experience. I found it very informative and experienced much growth in my own personal understanding. The mediums at the retreat were able to connect to my loved ones and relay messages of validation, joy, and encouragement. - Michelle L
  • I attended the Grief Retreat in CT this past July and it was an incredible experience! - Wendy S
  • All of the staff and presenters, including the guest mediums were so caring and attentive to each attendee. The retreat far exceeded my expectations and brought me tremendous comfort. - Susan K
  • And I'm the one that is blessed to have found you. - Kathy G

  • Thank you for creating such a wonderful workshop/retreat/conference. I am thrilled that I could be there and meet such a terrific group of people, and in such a lovely location (not to mention all that delicious food!) I was particularly struck by Piero and his meticulous work ... by the quality and commitment of the Mediums you had with us ... and how our time was so well organized. Every presenter/facilitator did a terrific job, all the opportunities for messages from spirit were compassionate and supportive and beautiful, every discussion was thoughtful and inclusive. Great job all around. - Kathy W
  • Thank you so much for that wonderful weekend you folks had made for us, I really enjoyed it and am right now just getting home in Hawaii. I wanted to thank all the staff for the hard work!! - Kanoena R
  • My daughter and I truly enjoyed this weekend. It was very, very informative and the setting was lovely. -Kathie C
  • Never underestimate how you are helping all of us....... - Annette M