Loss As The Result of Suicide

The book, Suicide: What Really Happens in the Afterlife?,* passes on the wisdom gained by hundreds of spirits who, after dying through suicide, communicated messages from the other side. The major themes of those messages are:

  • Immortality is a reality
  • Reincarnation is fact
  • We are here because we want to be here
  • The circumstances of our lives have been chosen by us as the best for our development
  • Each incarnation has a goal, a purpose
  • We have the equipment necessary to cope with an incarnation
  • We are all responsible for ourselves alone, and our development is up to us

So, these tenets are repeated by the surviving spirits of hundreds of successful suicides. Life continues after death, souls return again by choice to learn, to work out their karma, to refine themselves, and to evolve. Every life, no matter how difficult, was picked by that soul for a purpose. And, again, we have what it takes to master our challenges. In every difficulty lies the potential for growth.

Grief by the living regarding those who have ended their own lives does not help these souls after they have left their bodies, and can even be harmful, holding them back from progressing. It may be hard for some of those left behind to let go of their grief, anger, and guilt, but this is what spirits ask us to do. They also remind us that we are still loved and that death does not end the connection we share with them.

*Suicide: What Really Happens in the Afterlife? by Pamela Rae Heath and Jon Klimo, 2006. Berkeley, CA: North Atlantic Books, pp. 378-379.

Thanks to Dr. Mo Therese Hannah for suggesting the above book as a reference on this topic.