Mediumship for the Bereaved

Mediums and Medium Readings

An evidential reading by a qualified medium can be enormously helpful in grief transformation. After all, what could be more healing than your deceased loved one letting you know that he/she still exists? However, there are no regulatory bodies that oversee the profession, and you should be aware of both the benefits and pitfalls involved in the practice of mediumship. The following are some guidelines that you may find helpful:

  • A medium reading can take place in person or via phone or Skype. Science has shown that the evidence is the same despite the distance between the medium and the sitter.

  • During a reading, always record your session for later reference. If the medium tells you that they do not allow this, we suggest finding a different medium.

  • The medium should not be asking you questions during a session. It is their job to give you information. It is important, however, for you to acknowledge the information with "yes" or "no" type answers, but do not volunteer information to the medium.

  • There is a difference between reading the mind of a living person and communicating with a deceased entity. All mediums have psychic ability, but not all with psychic ability can communicate with the dead. Be sure that the practitioner understands the type of reading you are there to receive.

  • There is never a guarantee that your loved one will come through the medium – there has to be a synchronization among the medium, sitter and person in spirit. However, there is a much better likelihood of communication among the more accomplished mediums.

  • It is more likely that the medium will make a connection for you in a private session versus a group reading. In a group setting, mediums describe many Spirit entities wishing to come through at the same time. The medium is not in control of the order in which Spirits make themselves known to the medium. The medium can only go as directed by Spirit and only some group attendees will actually get readings during the limited time that the group is in session.

  • It may not be wise to continue to visit the same medium if it is the evidence you seek. Independent corroboration is more convincing, and one can never be sure that the medium is not simply remembering information from the last reading they did for you.

  • Mediums are not grief therapists and should not represent themselves as such. Although the information they provide can be enormously helpful, if it is therapy that you seek, you should consult a mental health professional (preferably one who is open to after death phenomena).

  • Addiction to anything is never a good thing, and this holds true with medium readings. Your people in spirit are always seeking ways of direct communication with you, and reliance only on mediums can be detrimental to the process.

Forever Family Foundation Certified Mediums - what makes them different than all the others

Forever Family Foundation’s experience has been that 85-90% of mediums practicing today cannot do what they claim, so it is important to make a good choice in selecting a medium. Forever Family Foundation has been conducting a Medium Evaluation Certification Program since 2005. The whole process is free of charge, and no medium can pay to be listed on our site. Evaluations are conducted under controlled conditions, and the sole purpose of the program is to provide a reliable resource for the bereaved. The “Certified” label has been bandied about frequently over the years by other organizations and mediums – be sure to investigate the protocol of such certifications and find out if any money changed hands in the process.

Most importantly, Forever Family Foundation Certified Mediums are not only evaluated under controlled conditions to verify their evidential mediumship capabilities, but they are vetted to align with the philosophies of Forever Family Foundation and it's 100% volunteer commitment to make this world a better place.

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