VLOG: Awakening To The Wisdom Of Soul

Dr. Betty Kovacs and Forever Family Foundation Certified Medium Janet Mayer

Some believe that the intuitive and mediumistic abilities we exhibit are unique to a select few and relatively new in our history. The fact is that our ancestors built civilizations with this knowledge, as the Mystical traditions dominated for tens of thousands of years. Such abilities may have waned over the years due to outside influences, but they are our heritage and nature. Scholar Dr. Betty Kovacs and Forever Family Foundation Certified Medium Janet Mayer have teamed up to present great insights in a VLOG

Merchants of Light

Have you ever wondered why the Roman Church waged a centuries-long campaign to destroy Classical culture and all previous spiritual traditions? What was the secret at the heart of these traditions that was so powerful that an organization would feel justified in torturing and murdering men, women, and children; in burning Christian gospels, Gnostic texts, Jewish texts, Arabic manuscripts; and in destroying temples, monasteries, sanctuaries, Mystery Schools and academies of higher learning? In what ways are we still suffering from this massive destruction of the highest achievements of Western culture? How could this lost knowledge affect our experience of death? How could it affect our understanding of who we are and why we are here? How could it challenge our understanding of civilization and inspire us to create a world that nurtures and celebrates all life? The great Gift of our time is the discovery of these lost cultures and manuscripts that carry the secrets the Church attempted to expunge from history. We are experiencing a sacred synchronicity with the return of this wisdom at the hour of our greatest need. Dr. Betty J. Kovács will discuss the return of this shamanic, mystic, scientific consciousness and how it is changing our world.

Urgent Message! Can You Hear Us Now?

Our ancestors discovered and participated in the Blueprint for our evolution. Despite being repressed by both the State and the Roman Church, this blueprint was rediscovered in the 20th century. Indigenous people around the world have nurtured and maintained this Blueprint, and they are now working on powerful ways to communicate this to us before it is too late to save ourselves and the planet. This urgent message continues to be communicated through many among us who are receptive to the transmission. Our ancestors are urgently trying to communicate with us with messages of how to save ourselves and the planet. Medium Janet Mayer demonstrates an ancient language that she channels, and scholar Dr. Betty Kovacs tells us about the blueprint that our ancestors laid out for our evolution. Learn how we have become addicted to our rational mind, and how we can revert back to our dreaming, visionary, and feeling mind.